The James Altucher Collection

Below, you'll find your electronic copy of James Altucher's new book, Choose Yourself, plus three of our other favorite Altucher books, free of charge.

Below the books, you'll also find your copy of an exclusive Special Investing Report, written by James Altucher, especially for Stansberry Research readers.

You cannot get or buy access to this report anywhere else.

Please note that this report covers some very small stocks that trade on what's known as the "over the counter" (OTC) bulletin board – or what's sometimes called the "pink sheets." It's important to remember, OTC stocks trade in much lower volumes and are much less liquid than stocks that trade on regulated exchanges, like the NYSE. Sudden buying interest can move OTC stock prices up very quickly. So if you chose to invest or trade stocks like this... you must be patient to ensure you get a good price.

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