The man who predicted the failures of Bear Stearns, Fannie and
Freddie, General Motors, and Goldman Sachs explains
what to do with your money right now...

Dear Reader,
"Overlooking Biscayne Bay in Miami Beach, I was looking at the strippers by the pool, having a beer with some old friends...

"One friend told me: "I'm making a killing in the mortgage business. There's this firm in New York called Bear Stearns. These guys are f***ing stupid.They will buy any mortgage I sell them..."
From this conversation three years ago...

Porter Stansberry first discovered that something had gone horribly wrong in the U.S. mortgage market.

Since then, Porter and his research team have been doing some of the most important work in the financial advisory business.

His dead-on prediction of the credit crisis recently got the attention of Barron's, who called Porter's work:
"Remarkably prescient... Nothing, as far as we can see, has happened to contradict his dire prophecy..."
But what most people don't realize is that Porter has shown his readers how to make an enormous amount of money during the crisis... no matter what the government and stock market do next.

If you're interested, you can do the same.

Let me show you how...

How to make $2.8 million, no matter
what the market does next

Before anyone guessed the housing market would implode...

Porter was warning his readers that the real estate market would bust hard... and definitely spread to the stock market.

He was right.

Porter told his readers exactly what would happen next:
"Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are sure to go bankrupt in the next 12 months. Congress may decide to assume their liabilities, but Congress won't bail out the firms' shareholders. Both stocks are already zeros... "
Of course, the average investor couldn't believe these two "safe" government-sponsored enterprises would ever go bankrupt...

But when Fannie and Freddie were rescued by the government – and its shareholders were ruined – Porter's readers were able to make a combined 124% in a few short months.

I'd say those gains are outstanding... wouldn't you?

Especially when you consider that many folk's portfolios are still down 50% or more.

Porter and his team also called the failure of General Motors... the near-collapse of Wachovia... the consumer credit problems at Capital One (and the lack of problems at MBIA)... and why Gannett -- publisher of USA Today -- would soon go bankrupt.

The MBIA recommendation alone shot up 86% in less than 3 weeks time... Some of Porter's readers did even better:

"On Wachovia, I made around 700%." – Nate Kramer

"Great call on Gannett. I'm up 196%. I religiously sold half at 110% so I'm riding the gains now."  - Henry Hatoyama

"I would like to thank Porter for his excellent advice. In my opinion he is the best analyst you have... I made a lot of $$ following his Capital One recommendation... Porter thanks keep up the great work!" – Bob Warrington.

"I'm a 45 year young stay-at-home mother with very young children ages nine and four. I'm up nearly $9,000 in a little over 5 ½ weeks."  -- Brenda Peters

"Your investment ideas and commentary should be mandatory reading for anyone in Washington involved with the current debacle, as well as the morons on Wall Street whose overleveraged house of cards has now collapsed. Thanks for all you do for us." – Bernard Torbin
Sure, Porter's recent results have been spectacular in the current market...

Yet the great thing about Porter's work is that it's helped his readers make a lot of money for years, in every market condition.

In fact...

Since Porter started in 1999, all of his closed recommendations together average 34% gains overall.

Compounded over ten years, that kind of performance could turn a small $100,000 portfolio into $2.8 million.

That's the best part:

Porter produces safe, consistent results, no matter what's going on in the markets.

Let me show you...

"A story about my father... whom you
made a millionaire."

Porter started this advisory letter in 1999, at the start of the technology boom.

Through the Internet boom and bust...

September 11, 2001, when the last thing on people's minds were stocks...

The real estate boom (and bust)...

And the credit crisis that started two years ago...

Porter and his team have helped his readers see substantial gains, year after year... no matter what's happening in the stock market.

Here's a sample of these many winning recommendations over the last ten years:

1. JDS Uniphase 592%
2. Celgene 233%
3. ID Biomedical 215%
4. Elan 207%
5. Broadcom 199%
6. Exelon 167% (and climbing)
7. Akamai 166%
8. Align 156%
9. Valhi 136%
10. Raytheon 93%

Looking at that list... I can't think of anyone in the business with a better long-term track record.

As a matter of fact, since he started his letter, he's picked 59 total winners overall — 45 of which made either double- or triple-digit gains.

That works out to be one moneymaking recommendation every 60 days... over the last ten years.

Results like these are why Porter has so many loyal – and much wealthier – subscribers...
"I've been in the market for over 45 years and... am a professional investor and advisor to brokerage firms. With just $15,000... I have pulled out $68,000 and the portfolio as of today is still $139,000 plus!"
- John Schwaab, New York, NY

"I have traded stocks for 27 years. I opened my first brokerage account when I was 18. I am very thrilled with what you have done for my net worth. My portfolio has roughly tripled after going with Porter's picks. Thank you."
- Brian Bartram, Winter Park, FL

"I'm up more than $1,000,000 with Porter's recommendation. Thanks!"
- Albert Griffin, West Chester, PA
So considering the current market...

What does Porter recommend you do with your money today?

A rare opportunity to make 600%...
Without touching stocks or bonds

Over the past two months, Porter and his research team have spent an enormous amount of time investigating what they call: "The only sure thing in the investment world right now."

This has nothing to do with stocks or bonds (the time to buy those has passed, Porter says). And it has nothing to do with real estate... private businesses, or anything like that, either.

What Porter's talking about instead is an opportunity in the currency markets.

Here's the great thing about this opportunity -- You don't have to know a thing about currencies to take advantage.

You see, this opportunity has arisen because of the U.S. government's response to the financial crisis last year.

In short, when the government goes this deeply into debt, there's a little-known type of U.S. currency (yes, it was actually created by the government) that absolutely skyrockets in price.

Just how much could you make exactly?

The last time we had this opportunity (the 1970s), this trade returned over 1,200%... while stocks, bonds, real estate, and just about every other financial asset in the world lost money.

How much could you expect to make this time around?

There's no guarantee of course, but Porter says his conservative estimate is 600% over the next five years.

I realize that probably sounds a little hard to believe... but when you see the details of the situation, I think you'll agree that this actually is a conservative estimate.

Basically, this is a very unusual situation, in a little-known sector of the U.S. currencies market. It is about as low-risk as any investment can be... and yet it has the potential to net gains of 600% over the next few years.

As I said, to take advantage of this currency trade, you don't need to open a new bank account. You don't need a "FOREX" currency account. You don't need to use margin or leverage, or anything risky like that. You don't have to buy a foreign currency... and you don't need to buy a stock or a bond either.

In fact, all you need is an ordinary checking account or credit card, and you can get in on this with a single phone call.

Porter believes this is probably the absolute safest thing you can do with your money right now. Of course, he also believes it is likely to be the most lucrative, with as much as 600% gains to come...

And the best part of all is, you don't need much money to take advantage. You can invest as little as $10... or as much as $20,000 or more.

Why is Porter so confident about this investment?

Well, for one, he feels as strongly about this opportunity as anything he's uncovered in a long time...

He's actually putting a significant amount of his own savings into this investment.

When Porter spots an opportunity like this, believe me, you want to take advantage of it in a significant way.

I will give you the full details on this opportunity as soon as I put you on Porter's distribution list.

You'll learn everything you need to know to take advantage in An unusual trade in the currency markets that could net you 600%.
Before I show you how to get on the list and receive this information, Porter has uncovered another idea I think you'll find very interesting...

How Wealthy People Get Rich
from a U.S. Dollar Crisis

Recently, Porter and his team have been extremely critical of the current U.S. administration and its economic policies.

He's concerned that Washington is leading our country into a total disaster. He even calls their actions "The End of America."

Of course, few people but Porter have the guts to say something like this. It's pretty much blasphemy to say that America's best days are behind it, and that you have to protect your family first.

But here's the funny thing...

Everything Porter has said would happen has come to pass.

Last year, for example, Porter said Washington was going to destroy the value of the U.S. dollar...

Well, gold is up from $700 to over $1,100 per ounce, and the U.S. dollar has fallen against nearly every major currency in the world.

Porter believes we're just at the beginning of this trend... that there will be currency controls that forbid you from moving your money out of the country... and much higher taxes, for starters.

The only good news in all of this, says Porter, is that there's an easy and predictable way for savvy Americans to make a heck of a lot of money in one particular U.S. stock.

In short: Porter says there's one stock "you absolutely must own right now." It has soared 283% in the past five years... while most stocks have gotten absolutely crushed.

I'd never heard of this company until Porter told me about it. It's a very unusual company. They don't really have any overhead, or products for sale... and they have fewer than 25 full-time employees.

In short, what they do is provide an incredible service to the companies that will thrive if the U.S. dollar continues its decent.

There is no other company like this one on Earth. They have ZERO competition.

As Porter says of this opportunity: "This is how wealthy people get rich in times of crisis."

How much money could you make?

There's no guarantee, of course. But Porter believes a gain of 1,000% is not out of the question.

I would be happy to send you the details on this immediately.

You'll learn everything you need to know in Porter's How Wealthy People Get Rich in a Monetary Crisis—The One Stock You Must Own.

And I'll also send you the details – free of charge – on the other opportunity I mentioned, An Unusual Trade in the Currency Markets that Could Net You 600%.

If you would like to receive this information, I'll give you access to both of these reports right away. In a market like the one we're in now -- where even "good news" looks uncertain -- this kind of advice and research can help you know exactly what to do...

Help you protect your money...

And most importantly, help you make a lot of money... no matter what the government does next.


If you like to watch your money grow, safely... if you want the opportunity to make triple-digit gains, year after year... if you want A LOT more income... and you want to know the safest places to potentially make significant capital gains in the next year...

Here is all you have to do.

How to receive your
No-Risk 6-Month Preview

Along with associate editor Braden Copeland, Porter publishes this work in our flagship publication, called Stansberry's Investment Advisory.

Because of Porter's unique position as the founder of a large financial publishing company with subscribers in over 100 countries, he has a deep rolodex of connections and "insider" contacts across different countries, markets and sectors...

And Braden's experience with monitoring large databases, filtering information, and his personal investment background -- he's been involved in a number of million-dollar commercial real estate deals, as well as starting his own music and racing companies -- make Porter and Braden a formidable team.

They don't miss much...

And each month, they'll bring you their best new ideas and opportunities in Stansberry's Investment Advisory.

The cost to receive Stansberry's Investment Advisory, by the way, is ridiculously cheap.

For just $99 a year, you'll receive Porter and Braden's monthly analysis on their best investment opportunity at the moment, plus the research on the two current opportunities I've mentioned here, which you'll receive free of charge, just for trying their work.

I think you'd agree...

That's not much at all for a years' worth of quality investment research that's gained the attention of the most important financial journals, from Barron's to Forbes Magazine.

But Porter and Braden would be the first to tell you: They could care less what the mainstream media thinks about them.

Simply put, what they care about most is the results subscribers get from their work...

"All my friends are down..."
"You are my Hero! I have been with you for about 3 years and you are truly exceptional. All my friends are down 45% to 55%, I in turn come skipping out of my office almost every day. My investment success I have to solely thank you for and your great team. Thank you VERY much."
– Uli Hessel, Sacramento, CA

"I owe ya..."
"Amazing. Now looking at a 1,500%-2,000% return in four weeks. That's a killing! I owe ya!"
– Chris Landing, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Entrusted my money..."
"I entrusted my rather small retirement money with a financial planner who ended up losing me $10,000. So, I subscribed to your letter and with your recommendations, I have netted $134,000. I wish to thank you very much..."
– Louis Charles, Chula Vista, CA
I'd like to invite you to become part of Porter and Braden's family of loyal readers.
  • For a limited time, you can sign up for 12 months of Stansberry's Investment Advisory for just $99 per year. That's just 27 cents a day for research Barron's called "remarkably prescient."
Is it worth that much to know exactly what to do with your money during the next 12 months of this unpredictable market?

Personally, I think it's worth 10 times that amount.

When you compare the price of this publication to other services on Wall Street, you begin to see what a ridiculous bargain it is.

It would cost you more than $99 to get just one hour with a financial planner — yet for that price, you can get Porter and Braden's best research for an entire year.

In fact, this research is so inexpensive that even if you follow up on just one of these ideas, you could make your money back many times over.

And because we want to make it an easy decision for you to try Porter and Braden's work...

You will have six (6) months to preview Stansberry's Investment Advisory, with zero risk to you.

That will give you plenty of time to read the newest issue... read over the archive of past research and Special Reports... and see the results of this work for yourself...

And if you decide it's not for you, you will receive 100% of your money back in the first 6 months. Even if you cancel AFTER the 6-month preview period expires, you will still receive a pro-rated refund on the unused part of your subscription.

So you really have nothing to lose by giving Stansberry's Investment Advisory a try. For the price I mentioned, you will receive:

One year (12 months) of Stansberry's Investment Advisory.
Special Report: An Unusual Trade in the Currency Markets that Could Net You 600%.
Special Report: How Wealthy People Get Rich in a Monetary Crisis—The One Stock You Must Own.
Stansberry's Investment Advisory website access. We will e-mail you passwords to log into the website. Here, you will find the archive, which includes:
1) Every Stansberry's Investment Advisory issue ever published (going back to 1999)
2) The entire library of special investment reports and e-mail updates

I believe Stansberry's Investment Advisory can help you do very well with your investments... no matter what's going on in the stock market or in Washington. I say that because the results for subscribers have been very good, year in and year out.

But again, this work may or may not be right for you. You'll have to decide for yourself after you give it a look. I encourage you to do so right away.

To get started right away, Subscribe Now


Brian Hunt
Editor in Chief, S&A Investment Research

P.S. I almost forgot. There's one more thing I'd like to make sure you receive as a subscriber to Porter and Braden's research. In short, it's a trick of the wealthy, which could easily be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you over the next decade. See the Registration form on the next page for full details...

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